After clicking the FastDraw icon, the program does not start, and no error message is returned.

If nothing is happening when you click the icon to open FastDraw, and you are not receiving any error message in return, this usually indicates an insufficient amount of memory available to start FastDraw. When you start FastDraw, it is programmed to request a certain amount of dedicated memory from your computer, and will not open if it does not receive enough free memory.

Freeing Up Memory for FastDraw

The first thing that you can do to fix this issue is close any other programs that you have running as you try to open FastDraw. This could include other software, such as FastScout or Microsoft Word, or also your web browser, which consumes a good amount of memory. Once you have closed as many other programs as possible, try opening FastDraw again. Once your program opens successfully, you can go ahead and reopen any other programs that you wish to use.

Setting FastDraw to Request Less Memory

If closing other programs on your computer does not free up enough memory to open FastDraw, you can make a simple change to FastDraw which will make it request less memory upon startup. To begin, find the FastDraw shortcut icon on your desktop and right-click on it, then select Properties.

Under the Shortcut tab in the properties menu, you should see a field that says Target. Inside this field, you should see the file path for your FastDraw program listed in quotes. Please click inside this field and place your cursor at the very end, right after "FastDraw.exe".

At the very end of this Target field, press the spacebar once to add one space, and then paste in the following value, quotes not included "-J-Xmx900m". Click Apply and then OK at the bottom, and then double click the icon again to open the software. This will reduce the amount of memory that the program asks for upon starting FastDraw.

If you have added the above value to the Target field and your software still will not open, reduce the number from 900 to 500. In this case, the value to add would be "-J-Xmx500m". This will further reduce the amount of requested memory. If this also does not work for you, please contact our Support Team and we can take a look at the issue for you.

My school computer was wiped and now I cannot access FastDraw. What can I do?

If your computer was updated by your IT department and you no longer have access to FastDraw, you can follow the steps below to get up and running again.

Installing FastDraw

You can download the installer for FastDraw by visiting our downloads page. This will allow you to re-install FastDraw back on to your computer.

Activating FastDraw

After you have re-installed FastDraw and you open the software, you will be taken to the activation menu. You can now activate your software using your e-mail address and password, or with your activation key, which was included in your activation e-mail. If you no longer have your activation e-mail, you can request your activation key to be sent to you by clicking here.

Recovering Your FastDraw Plays

If you have been making regular Backup saves to the FastModel cloud server, you can recover your plays by clicking the Sync button in the top toolbar. Clicking the Sync button will download any plays that you have previously saved to the cloud.

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If you have not previously saved your file to our cloud server, then you may not be able to recover any of your old work. Your plays are saved in a file that is stored locally on your hard drive, so if your hard drive was wiped by your IT, you can only recover your old save file if your IT made a backup image of your hard drive before wiping it. If they are able to recover your file, please contact our Support Team and we can help you get your save file loaded back into FastDraw.