Entering Frame Descriptions and Play Notes

To enter Frame Descriptions, click the small "i" logo in the upper right hand corner of any frame in FastDraw on the iPad to open the Edit Frame menu.



In this menu you can add Frame Labels, Frame Descriptions, or change the court dimensions.


Additional notes and play options can be accessed from the Edit Play menu. To access the Edit Play menu, click the small "i" icon at the very top next to the play name.



From the Edit Play menu, you can change the Season, Team, Series, or court dimensions, and you can add Play Notes.

Note: Play Notes added on the iPad are not displayed when the play is printed. Play Notes can only be printed on the desktop version of FastDraw, and must be activated from the Playbook Settings menu. Any notes that you wish to include in your printed iPad plays should be placed in the Frame Description.

Sync Plays From iPad to Computer

In order to maximize your FastDraw Desktop Plus iPad subscription to the fullest, we have provided some easy steps to sync your FastDraw plays on your iPad with your desktop or laptop.

1. On your iPad, open the Settings menu and select Sync Plays to save your play library to our cloud server.


2. Once the Backup has successfully finished, open FastDraw on your computer and click Sync.

Bar copy.png

After your file downloads, open the File menu again and choose Save File to save a copy to your computer's hard drive.

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 11.38.49 PM.png

3. Once you are finished drawing plays on your computer, click the Sync icon again to save your changes. This will send all of your plays, including those you have added on the computer, back to our FastModel cloud server.

Bar copy.png


4. The next time you open your FastDraw iPad app, open the Settings menu and select Sync Plays. Once the sync finishes you should see all of your plays, including those you have just added on your computer.