Our latest 9.0 versions of FastDraw and FastScout will be released September 20th, and you will be prompted to update your software the next time you open it.


Also remember, you can always access our latest releases from our downloads page. Important updates to the software are noted below.

FastDraw Basic - The Sync Button

The Backup and Restore features in FastDraw have been consolidated into one new button, the Sync button. Now instead of clicking Backup to save your plays and Restore to download your Backup file, you can instead just click the Sync button. More details on how this process works can be found here.

Removal of Read-Only Mode

Previous versions of FastDraw allowed you to still view your plays within the software, even when your subscription was expired, through Read-Only mode. This mode is no longer available in FastDraw, so an active subscription is required to view your plays. Should you choose not to renew FastDraw, your save file will still remain on your computer's hard drive, and we will also retain any Sync file you have saved to the FastModel cloud server. Upon renewal, any save file remaining on your computer will open once again in FastDraw, and you will also be able to access your Sync file.

FastScout Advanced Only - Increased Speed for Managing Topics

We have made performance improvements across the FastScout platform, which are specifically aimed at reducing the time spent updating stats and when adding topics to reports. Ultimately, this will improve your workflow and reduce time spent working on your scouts.