FastModel Support Portal: NOT a Login site for FastDraw

You may notice during your visit to the FastModel Sports Support Page that there is a Login link in the upper right. Please note that this login page will NOT accept your login credentials for FastDraw. Please use the following options for logging in to your FastDraw account.

FastDraw Desktop

The FastDraw Desktop software runs locally on your computer, and must be downloaded from our downloads page. Once you have installed and opened the software, you will be taken to the activation menu. Here you can enter your email address and the password that was contained in your activation email, or you can click the Activate with Key link to switch to key entry mode. In key entry mode, you can copy and paste in the activation key contained in your activation email.

More details on the activation process can be found here.

FastDraw iPad

The "FastDraw" iPad app can be downloaded at any time from the App Store, and once you have opened the app you can login in from the Settings menu. Your email address and the password contained in your activation email can be used to login.

FastModel PlayBank

The FastModel PlayBank page can be accessed here. The PlayBank page contains over 5,000 plays available for you to download and send to your FastDraw software. Use the Login link in the right upper corner of the page to enter your email address and password. 

From this page you can also change your password at any time by clicking the Profile link in the upper right, and then the My Account button on the next page.

How to Reset Your FastModel Password

Your password can be reset from the following locations:

  • Clicking the Forgot Password link in the FastDraw Desktop activation menu
  • Clicking the Forgot Password link in the FastDraw iPad login menu
  • Clicking the Forgot Password link in the login window of the PlayBank page
  • Clicking this link