As you prepare to play conference opponents for a second time, think about adding a row to your Personnel topic (Personnel, Staters, Reserves)  to reflect stats from the first matchup. It's easy to do and can be a valuable addition to your report. 

In the Scout tab, right click on your Personnel topic (could also be called Starters/Reserves etc) and select Edit Defaults. 

Next, scroll down in this window to locate your Player Stats table. Right click on the small rectangle to the left of your Season row and select Copy. 

Right click on the same rectangle again and choose Insert Row After. Un-select the original row and click on the new row so only it is highlighted. Again, right click on the rectangle to the left of it and select Paste Table Data. Answer "NO" to "do you want to clear table contents before pasting?"

Now you have a row ready to apply a filter to. 

First edit the title in the first box to say something like 1st Meeting, vs Us, etc. If your table does not have a title column, add one by right clicking on the rectangle above your first column and select Insert Column Before. This will now act as your title (Season, Conference, 1st Game) box. 

Next, right click on the rectangle of this "1st Game" row and select Revise Splits for Row. 

In this window, click on the blue Clear button to make sure all other filters are cleared. Click on the blue All Opponents button on the right side, select Include at the top of this small window and check the box for My Team. Click OK, Apply and OK again.

Finally, click "Just The Table"s in the last pop-up message that appears. You now have a row that reflect stats from games against only your team.