When scouting a team for the second time in a season, most coaches will want to use much of the same information from their initial report. Rather than creating a brand new scout on this team, there is a simple way to copy your original scout. Resulting in you only needing to update stats and edit specific information rather than starting from scratch. 

In the Scout tab, right click on any scout and select Copy Scout.

This will bring up a window where you can edit the copied scout's properties. Change the title to Game #2, the game's date or whatever you like to differentiate it from the original scout. Make sure that at the bottom of the menu the box is checked for "Rebuild Tables and Update Stats". 

You now have a copy of the original scout that has updated stats (up until your latest Stats Database download) and updated defaults. Besides updating those stats and default your general scout information remains untouched. Edit text topics as necessary like normal. We always recommend downloading the latest Stats Database (File-Download Latest- Stats Database- choose your league) and updating stats before finishing your report. 

Your original scout on this team will still be available to view (and edit) in your library and will not be altered in any way.