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After selecting an opponent from the My Opponent tab, you will be taken to the Schedule view where you can quickly view opponent Box Scores.



Box Scores

Play by Play

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By default, the All Games filter is selected showing the entire schedule for the selected team. Quickly filter down the list of games by checking one or more of the filter boxes highlighted below.

You can even filter down to show games against a specific team.

Box Scores:

To view a game box score, click on the View Game icon to the right of any game on your opponent's schedule.

The Game Summary will load which includes points per period stats, a game-flow chart, and a box score. The box score includes color-shading to highlight variance from a player or team average.

Hovering your mouse over any of the color-coded statistics will show you the season average that the stat varies from.

Hover your mouse over any point on the game-flow chart to see what event occurred. This can help coaches target spots in the game for further film analysis.

You can print a single-game Box Score by clicking the Print button in the top-right corner

Whenever you print in FastScout 2, make sure to turn on the 'Background graphics' setting in your web browser as highlighted below. The screenshot below is from the Google Chrome browser. This setting can appear in different locations based on your web browser.

From the Schedule tab, you can also print multiple Box Scores at the same time. To do this, check the boxes to the right of each game you want to print, then click the yellow Print icon in the top-right corner:

The resulting print-out will show a cumulative stats table only including stats from the selected games, as well as the corresponding Box Scores for each game.

Play by Play:

Click the Play by Play tab to review each event during the game. This is another tool to help coaches pin point specific areas of the game to target further during film sessions.

Filter play by play events by period, team, or type of event.

View Team Stats:

As you're reviewing your opponents recent games, you may want to also quickly review the opponents they played in certain games. You can quickly jump to the team stats of each opponent by clicking on their team logo under the View Team Stats column.

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