Saving in FastScout

The FastScout Save File

The scouting reports that you create in FastScout are saved in a file that is stored on your hard drive. The default location for this save file will be C:/Users/FastScout Files, and your save file will be named "Master.fsb". This file can be renamed like any other file on your computer, but the ".fsb" extension must remain the same.

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This master save file can be protected in two ways. The first is using the Backup feature in FastScout. By frequently clicking the Backup icon in the program, you can save a copy of your scouting reports* to the FastModel cloud server.

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*Note: Your master save file only contains the information entered into your scouting reports, and does not contain any team information, roster information, or photos from your Stats Database. That information is contained in the database save file, which is covered below. Database files cannot be uploaded to the FastModel cloud.


Your second option to protect your work is to manually backup your save file. This can be done by simply copying your "Master.fsb" file to an external storage device, or to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Please note, while copying your file to an external location is a good way to save backups, it is important that you DO NOT remove the original save file from your computer's hard drive.


Local Backups

Within the FastScout Files folder, you may also notice that there is also another folder called Local Backups. This is where your software saves automatic backups of your library, and can be utilized to recover your plays if your save file is ever lost or damaged, but the rest of your computer's hard drive is still intact. You can modify how often a backup file is saved by going to the File menu in the top menu bar and selecting Program Settings in FastScout, and then selecting the Backup Location tab.

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*Note: Always ensure that your Backup Location is set to a location on your hard drive and not to a network or external drive. Setting your Backup Location to a network or external drive can cause issues with the software and prevent your file from saving correctly.


If you ever lose or accidentally delete information from a scout and would like to recover this information, you can check your Local Backup files. To do this, open the File menu from the top menu bar and select Import from Backup. You will then see a list of the available files in your Local Backups folder, which are sortable by time and date, or by file size. You can use this menu to locate a file from a time and date when you believe your missing data was last present.

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Once you select a file, FastScout will analyze its contents, and show all of the available scouting reports from that file. You can then select which scout to import.

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After selecting a scout, you can choose to import the entire scout, or you can select individual topics to import data from.

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The FastScout Database File

When you use the Stats Database in FastScout to add teams, roster information, and pictures to your league for your scouting reports, all of that information is contained in the database save file, as opposed to the "master.fsb" save file that contains your scouting reports. If you ever move FastScout to a new computer, or want to back up the information for your league, you will need to copy or transfer the database save file.

Your database file can be found by opening the "FastModel" folder, which is typically installed in your C:/Users folder by default. Within the FastModel folder, select FastScout, then Basketball, and then select the "stats" folder.

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Your database file for your league will be stored in the stats folder, and the naming structure will be stats-LEAGUENAME.h2.db.

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To transfer this information to a new computer, copy the file for your league (or leagues if you have multiple leagues in your Stats Database) to an external drive or a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. On the new computer, you must copy the file to the same location ("stats" folder) or the information will not import into FastScout correctly.

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