Setting Your Default Positions

Before you get started with creating drills in the FastDraw software, you will want to take a few moments to customize a few of your default settings, which will go a long way towards saving you time in the future. The first setting that you will want to customize is your default positions.

You can access the Positions Editor by clicking the Edit menu from the top menu bar, and then selecting Positions Editor. The Positions Editor menu will allow you to edit the positions that will be available for you to select from the Role and Court Positions palettes to add to your diagram.

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In the Position Editor menu, by default you will see 8 “Role Positions” activated with a check mark. These include positions such as Setter and Outside Hitter 1. You will also see 6 “Court Positions” checked and activated, such as Left Front and Middle Front. Lastly, you will see 4 extra “Volleyball Role” positions and 6 extra “Volleyball Court” positions available, but deactivated by default.

Any Role Positions that you have activated with appear in the Role Positions palette in the Draw tab, and any Court Positions that you have activated with likewise appear in the Court Positions palette, making them available to add to your diagrams. You can modify the Position name or Text of any of the default positions or extra positions, and you can activate or deactivate as many positions as your would like.

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Each field in the Position Editor menu can be edited to your specifications:

Position - This field is a reference to the player’s position, but will not be included in any diagrams.

Text - The value entered into this field is exactly what will appear in your diagram, and for the cleanest looking diagrams, should be no longer than a 3 letter or digit abbreviation.

Shape - The selected shape will control how the selected player looks in your diagrams. They can be shown as circles, squares, or as plain text with no surrounding shape.

Foreground and Background Color - The foreground color controls the text color for the player, and the background color will change the color filling the circle.

Preview - This field shows a preview of how the player will look in diagrams with the currently selected settings.

Note: If you choose to edit any of these default values after you have already created plays or drills in FastDraw, your changes will be applied to all of your existing diagrams.

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