Diagramming in FastDraw

Starting a new Play or Building Block

To create a new Play (drill) or Building Block, click the New Play icon to open the New Play menu.


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In the New Play menu, you have the option to create a Play or a Building Block, which you can select using the drop down menu in the top right corner next to “Type:”.



The Season, Team, and Series labels can be selected for each new Play or Building Block and you can add new Teams or Series using the “Add…” button. Adding each of these labels will improve your ability to organize your library and more easily find your drills as your library grows.



Changing Court Dimensions

In addition to adding labels to your drill, you can also adjust the court appearance from the New Play menu. When creating a Building Block or Play, be sure to adjust the “Service Zone” and “Side Zones” option to match your preferences. When you enable or disable each option, this will in turn affect which lines are included in the diagram.





Adding Players to the Diagram

When you create a new Building Block or Play, it will be loaded into the Play Editor window. The Play Editor window is where you diagram your drills. The first step is adding players. Players can be added by dragging each one from the Positions palette to their desired location on the court.

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Remember, the players in the Positions palette will match the default values that you set in the Positions Editor. However, if you ever wish to create a custom label for a player, you can do so by double-clicking on any player on the court. You will then be able to add any text or numerical value that you wish.

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Adding Movements to your Diagram

With your players in place, you can now drag a movement stencil from the Movement palette into the diagram. Pick the shape of the action that you would like, and when you drop the stencil into your diagram you will be presented with a menu to select a solid line for player movement, and a dotted line for ball movement.

Image title

Image title

After placing a stencil, it will appear on the court with a green dot at either endpoint. The green dots can be used to move each endpoint into place:

Image title

Image title

When you add a curved line to the court, you will see the green dots on each endpoint, and a yellow circle at the midpoint of the curve. The green dots can be moved to change the endpoints of the movement, and the yellow circle can be moved to modify the arc of the curve.

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After adding the first actions of your drill in Frame 1, you can advance the players and ball to their next location in Frame 2 by clicking the FastBuild icon.

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