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Getting Started With FastRecruit Web


Welcome to FastRecruit! Your first step to a great experience in FastRecruit is to log in and set up your account on FastRecruit Web. This guide will take you through the steps necessary to accomplish that. To learn more about the second piece of FastRecruit- FastRecruit Mobile, head to our FastRecruit Support page.

If, at any time, you have questions or issues, please let our industry-best support team know at


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FastRecruit Web Intro and Overview -- Page 2

Logging Into FastRecruit Web -- Page 3

“Staff”/ FastModel Admin Portal -- Page 3

Customizing your Fields -- Page 4

“Recruits” Tab -- Page 5

“Tourneys” Tab -- Page 12

Adding Custom Tourneys (FR Team subscribers only)-- Page 14

“Schedule” Tab -- Page 17

“Reports” Tab --  Page 21



Getting Started With FastRecruit Web

To get introduced to FastRecruit, contact your FastModel Account Manager or email .

FastRecruit Web Intro and Overview

FastRecruit Web serves as the backend for your team’s FastRecruit app and is where your team will get started.  Your team’s primary user will receive an email from FastModel with instructions and be set up with the initial login.  From there, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and add all Staff members that will be using FastRecruit.

  2. Customize the way your staff handles Recruit’s positions and categories.

  3. Enter the Recruits that your staff will be following in FastRecruit.  This can be done through manual entry or by importing a .CSV file.

  4. After entering Recruits into the system, you can then assign which tournaments those Recruits will be attending.

  5. Assign your staff and Recruits to the specific tournaments each will be attending.

  6. Prepare to take FastRecruit on the road with FastRecruit Mobile.

Logging Into FastRecruit Web

You can log into FastRecruit Web at:

At the login screen, enter your e-mail address and FastModel password. This will be the same login information that you currently use for FastDraw or for FastScout. If you don’t know your password, you can click the “Forgot your Password?” link to reset or create your password for the first time. You will receive an e-mail containing a link to complete your password reset and set a new password.


Upon purchase, one member of your staff was designated to be the administrator of your account and they are able to manage your licenses. You can change your account admin or designate an additional admin at any time by contacting us at

You can view which staff members currently have FastRecruit access and manage your users by clicking the gear icon in the upper right and selecting Manage Staff.

To add or remove users and to modify Roles for each user, click the Manage Users icon. This will take you to the Account Admin Portal, where you will be able to login with your e-mail address and FastModel password. You must be an admin for your team's FastModel account to access the portal, so please contact our Support Team if you need access.

Customizing your Fields

In addition to the default fields provided in FastRecruit allows for you to have custom Categories and Positions that are specific to your team.  

In the upper right hand corner of the portal, you will see a “My Account” icon with a down arrow next to.  To add, delete, or edit your team’s Categories or Positions, click on that “My Account” button and then click “Categories and Positions”


Positions:  No two teams use the same terminology for their positions, so you have the ability to enter them however you would like.  Click the “Add” button across from Positions, add the text of your new Position and then press Save.

Categories: Similarly, you can set up the categories for your recruits any way you would like.  For example,  you might use a custom Category named “Final 4”, or as seen below, “5 Star”.  When you create a Category, you also have the option to specify the color for the category, which will be viewable in the FastRecruit application on your iPhone or iPad.  Each Category has a name and a color.  Similar to adding a Position, to add a Category click on the “Add” button across from Categories. Enter your Category Name and click on the color box. A color palette will appear and you have the opportunity to select any color you wish. Scroll down for lighter colors.


After designating your Positions and Categories, any time you enter a new Recruit you will be able to attach your custom Positions and Categories to that Recruit.

Recruits Tab

Adding Recruits:

Once your team’s staff is set and your Categories and Positions are created, you are ready to add Recruits to your account. Click on the Recruits tab in the top menu bar. This is where you will be able to add any of the Recruits that your team will be following in FastRecruit.

There are two methods in which you can add Recruits to your account.  

Option 1 for adding Recruits: Importing a .CSV file:

We suggest loading the majority of your Recruits into FastRecruit through this option as it allows technology to do the work instead of you and saves you from entering everything manually.

You can export a full list of your Recruits from your recruiting software programs and we have provided step-by-step directions on how to do so from ACS and JumpForward below. To summarize,  you will be selecting the fields you would like imported into FastRecuit. Such categories might include Name, Grad year, School Name, School, City, School State, Club Team, High School Jersey #, Club Team Jersey #, Rank/Category, or Position.

If your team uses another recruiting software or you simply need more assistance exporting your data please email our Support team at .

Click here for a guide on how to export from ACS into FastRecruit

Click here for a guide on how to export from JumpForward into FastRecruit

Click here for a guide on how to export a .CSV file into FastRecruit

Once you have your .CSV file created, click on the “Actions” button in the left corner of the Recruits tab and select “Import Recruits”.

An Import Recruit dialogue menu will appear. Follow the on-screen steps:

  1. Select the .CSV file that contains information about your Recruits.

  2. Create an “Import Profile Name”. This can be anything. Some suggestions are: ACS Import, Jump Forward Import, ESPN import, or My 2016 Team import.

  3. Edit the Import Profile. Here you will link column headers from your .CSV file to your FastRecruit Recruit information. First the software will match any column headers that match exactly with your headers. For example, below is a new profile with a “New Profile Name” of “ACS Import”. The .CSV column headers of “School City”, “Class”, and “Position” matched automatically with FastRecruits headers “School City”, “Class”, and “Position”.  

For any headers that remain in the “Edit Import Profile” box, you will need to select their corresponding categories from the drop down menu on the right side, and then press on the Link button in the middle. For example, in the .CSV file below, the column header is “State HS” and will need to be connected to “School State Abbreviation”. Be sure to click the “Link” button once you have corresponding attribution titles in the right and left boxes.

Important: If your .CSV has your Recruit’s first and last names in different columns they will need to be combined to create “Name”. To do this, from the “Edit Import Profile” box, select Player’s First Name (could be called First name, Recruit’s first name, etc depending on how you have it labeled in your .CSV), press shift, then click on Last Name (could be called last name, Recruit’s last name, etc again depending on how you have it labeled in your .CSV) and both will become highlighted. Now select “Name” from the box on the right side and click the Link button.

Once you finish linking your columns, click on the preview button and all of your information will appear in your Import Recruits pop-up menu. If a Recruit is already within your database their information will appear highlighted in yellow. For example, in the file below, Lebron James, Sue Bird, and Maya Moore are already Recruits within FastRecruit (in the software last year, another staff member already entered them, etc) so they are highlighted in yellow. Michael Jordan is the only new Recruit to the Database.

Additionally, any information within your .CSV file that differs from what you currently have in FastRecruit will appear highlighted in red. From there you can decide if you would like to make changes back in your .CSV file and re-upload it or if you would like to proceed with the importing of your Recruits. For example, above you can see that Maya Moore’s Class, Club Team, Club Team Jersey, High School Jersey, and Position changed. Only her Category, “5 star” is the same within the software and in the .CSV file. If you know that you have made changes to a player’s Recruiting profile in your recruiting database since last summer, for example, some information inside of FastRecruit will no longer be accurate for that player,  and you will want to continue with the import.

Important: Notes you created in the past in FastRecruit will not be touched by “importing over” a current Recruit.

Press Confirm when you are ready to move forward with the import.

After importing your Recruits’ information, always be sure to check that everything came in correctly. For example, if a Recruit’s High School does not match our FastRecruit database of High Schools it will not automatically load and have an association with your Recruit. Below Sue Bird’s high school “Christ the King Regional High in Middle Village, NY matched exactly from the .CSV file to the FastRecruit high school Database. However, Michael Jordan’s school title in the .CSV, “Emsley A Laney High school” did not match the FastRecruit database and will need to be entered on Jordan’s Profile page.

Option 2 for adding Recruits: Manual Entry:

The second method of adding Recruits is to manually add them by clicking the “Actions” button located in the right corner and selecting “Add Recruit”. From there a pop-up menu will appear that looks like this:

In this menu, you can fill out the Recruit’s name, their Class, Position*, Category*, High School, HS Jersey #, Club Team, and Club Jersey #.  While you are not required to fill out each of these, when adding a new Recruit you must enter at least a Name or Jersey # (HS Jersey # or Club Jersey #).

Additionally, you can enter a Recruit’s photo by clicking on the  “Add Photo” button within the photo icon and selecting an image file of your Recruit. Click “Save” and that image will be connected to that Recruit on your FastRecruit Web and on your FastRecruit Mobile.

*Position and Category are options that are completely customizable by you and your staff and are explained in more detail in the Account Settings section above.

Additional Resources on the Recruit Tab:

Deleting Recruits:

There are a few options for deleting Recruits within FastRecruit.

  1. You can remove individual Recruits by clicking on the “delete” button that coincides with the Recruit you are wishing to delete.


Once you click on “Delete” the software will ask you to confirm your selectiong


2) If you are looking to remove all Recruits from  a particular subset (Class=2017, Category= 3 Stars, etc) first search for that subset.

Here the search is for 3 Star Recruits. The software populates all of the 3 star Recruits within my database and only shows me Recruits matching that criteria.


Next click on the “Actions” button located above the “Position” button and select “Delete All”.

Don’t be worried this will only delete what is within your search. In this example, “3 Star” Recruits.

Next we will be asked to confirm your decision.

 3) To delete ALL of your Recruits. Do not search for anything. Next click on the “Actions” button located above the “Position” button and select “Delete All”. Next we will be asked to confirm your decision. Because you have not modified the search criteria, all Recruits within the database will be deleted.

Editing Recruits within FastRecruit:

At any time, you can click   to edit any of the Recruit’s attributes.  Additionally, this season you can add photos for your Recruits.

To add a photo, click on the “Add Photo” button within the photo icon on the Recruit’s page and select an image file of your Recruit from your computer. After finding the image, click “Save” and then that image will be connected to that Recruit on your Web portal and within the Mobile app.

Notification of Recruits being assigned to Teams at Tournaments

You will notice that each player has a “Tourney Team Status” icon connected to their Recruiting profile on the main Recruits home page. This icon is color coded to help you easily set-up your FastRecruit.  In order to track your Recruits, you will need to specify which tournaments the Recruit is going to be attending and what team they are going to be playing on at each specific tournament.  The below color coding helps you with this process.

= This Recruit has not yet been added to any Tournaments or any Teams.

=This Recruit has been added to at least one tournament, but has not yet been added to a team for at least one tournament.

=This Recruit has been added to a tournament and has been assigned to a team for that tournament.

To specify which tournaments a Recruit will be playing in and which team they will be playing on at that tournament,  you can either click on that Recruit’s corresponding “Tourney Team Status” or you can do so in the Tourneys tab (explained below).

If you choose to change the team in which a Recruit is currently assigned for a particular tournament, upon pressing save you will be asked if you would like to Autofill Schedule. If you would like those games added to your schedule press “confirm”. Additionally, if you add a tournament and assign a team to that Recruit and press save you will be asked if you would like to Autofill Schedule. More information about Auto Filling your Schedule is covered below in the Tourneys tab section.


Exporting Notes

Next click on the “Actions” button located above the “Position” button and select “Export Notes”. The software will export/download a .CSV file showing the Recruits you have taken notes on, which coach took the note, etc.

Tourneys Tab

To view all of the tournaments provided to you and your staff by FastRecruit and your custom created tournaments, click on the  tab at the top of the page. Use the green “Next” button and the orange “Previous” tab to move from one recruiting period to another.

On this page, you will be able to see the tournament’s name, acronym, start and end date, location,any staff that have been assigned to attend and the number of Recruits assigned to attend each tournament.

Click on the name of any tournament to be taken to that tournament’s page.  On this page, you will see a dialog for “Which Recruits are Attending?” and “Which Staff are Attending?”  

Both fields have drop down menus that are populated with the names of Recruits and staff that you have added in previous steps.  Simply select the Recruits and staff that you need to assign to this tournament and click the green or blue buttons to assign.  When assigning staff, be sure to designate which dates each staff member will be attending that specific tournament.

Important: The next step is to “Finalize Tournament Coverage.”  In this list you will see the Recruits that have been assigned to attend this tournament and an area to match their Tourney Team with the teams in this tournament. As you know, the names of Recruits’ Tourney teams varies from tournament to tournament (Cal Ballers Black vs CA-Cal Ballers Black). Meaning that for each tournament you must use the drop down menu provided across from each Recruit to select the exact team that each Recruit is playing on for this particular tournament.

Once all your Recruits have been assigned to teams for this particular tournament, clicking the “Fill Schedule for Tourney” button will add all the scheduled games (and games they advance on to play in) for those Recruits to the “”My Schedule” section of FastRecruit Web and to your “Schedule” tab on the Mobile app for any staff member who has been assigned to that same tournament.

Adding Custom Tournaments (for FastRecruit Team Members Only):

The ability to create your own custom tournaments allows users to continue to use FastRecruit at smaller tournaments and tournaments in which FastModel is not automating data.  FastModel strives to cover the most tournaments possible, but it requires commitment from the tournament operators, which is the main reason any given tournament is not included in the FastRecruit platform.

To create a custom tournament click the blue “+ Add New” button next to  “Tourneys” at the top of the page.  


After clicking on the Add New button, a dialogue will appear requesting information about your custom tournament:


Fill out each field in order for your custom tournaments to work seamlessly along with each automated tournament. Once you complete the fields and press Save you will see your newly created tournament alongside the automated tournaments on the “Tourneys” page. Your custom tournaments will have an “Edit” button and a “Manage Games” button next to them in case you need to make changes to that tournament.

Below you can see two custom created tournaments, “Blue Sparks Special Tournament” and the “Cal Swish Shootout”, and each has an Edit and Manage Games buttons next to it, which signifies that they are custom tournaments.

Note: While custom tournaments allow you to assign Recruits and Staff and fill out the tournament schedule as well as create your schedule, game scores will not be automatically entered by FastModel, so you must advance teams yourself and continue to update your schedule on your own.

After creating your custom tournament, click the Manage Games button corresponding to that tournament. Start on the “Venue” tab and click on the “Add a Venue” button (all custom tournaments require at least one venue/gym) and fill out the address fields. Click Save at the bottom of the page and then move onto the “Games Tab”.

Click on the “Games” Tab and then click on “Add Game”. Fill out the necessary information and add “TBD” or a place holder to any field in which you do not currently have information for. In the example below, no court information is available for the Blue Sparks vs Fever game, so a TBD should be added to the Court column. Click Save at the bottom of the page and then move to the Tourney Tab to add Recruits, Staff, and assign Recruits teams for this tourney. To learn more about assigning Recruits, Staff and assigning Recruits to teams please see the above “Tourney Tab” documentation.

Schedule Tab

In the Schedule tab you can use the information you’ve previously loaded in, and create a game schedule for anyone on your staff, similar to how you might have done using Word or Excel in the past.    


Option 1 for building a schedule: AutoFill Schedule:

On the top left of your grid is a layout of your staff members’ initials. You can click on any of their initials to display and create the selected staff members’ Schedule.

You can click as many staff members as you’d like. The example below shows that two staff members are selected, “TU” and “S@F.” That means that the area below will only display the Schedule for those two staff members.

In addition to the option to filter by staff member, you can also filter by date on the right hand

side. This will allow you to create a Schedule for a specific period of time, or a specific tournament. For the best results, use your keyboard to type in the dates rather than using the arrows to select the date.


There are two options for creating your Schedule. On the left, the blue icon, “AutoFill Schedule” will allow you to automatically fill the Schedule for the selected staff member(s) based on which tournaments you have assigned them to previously. This option will take any Recruits that have been assigned to a tournament in which a staff member has also been assigned during the selected time frame, and add games that they have been marked to participate in.

In the example below, Jill Jones and Suzie Q have been assigned to the Super 64 tourney and been assigned to their respective teams for that tourney. Additionally, staff members (Ross and Vin) were assigned to that tournament.       

By clicking the “Fill Schedule for Tourney” button on the tourney page, you can automatically populate those games to the schedules of those staff members. You can see below that staff members V@F and R@F schedules have been filled out for the 4/15/16- 4/17/16 recruiting period.


Option 2 for building a schedule: Finding Games:

The second option to filling out a schedule is to manually find games that you want added to a staff members schedule. To do this, click the green “Find Games” button.


This will bring up a “Find Games” dialog where you can select the tournaments and teams you’d like included in your search for games, as well as a location and date filter. At any time, if you’d like to clear any of these from your filter, you can do so by clicking on the “X” that is available on the upper left corner of any of your searches. 


The results of your search are shown on the right hand pane of your “Find Games” dialog. In the search below, a search for games that take place at the Blue Chip USA Invitational that include the team, “MoJo basketball Silver South” would display the following results: 

To add these games to a staff member’s schedule, select the Staff member or members (in the example case above, “TU” & “S@F”) from the bottom left to highlight them and then place checkmarks in the box next to any games you would like added to their schedule (by clicking the top box above all the games it will automatically check all the games within that search). Finally, click “Add to Schedule” button next to the staff members initials and click “Done”. Once you have been notified that your games have been added to your schedule (green pop-up at the bottom of the screen), these games will now be on staff members “TU and S@F’s” Schedule tab on FastRecruit Mobile, which is noted on the bottom left grid of the imagine above.


You can change your filters and your search options to find more games and add them to your staff member’s schedule.


Outputting Your Schedule:


After you have created the Schedule,  you have two different options to export it out of FastRecruit Web and FastRecruit Mobile.  You can either print it, or you can export it to a .CSV file.


The Print option will print all of the information you see in your Schedule on the FastRecruit Web screen.      

The Export to .CSV button, found in the right corner, will download the .CSV file to your computer, which can be opened in Excel and edited.


Important Note: The Clear Schedule Button:

This button will clear the grid that you have selected. Please be sure that you actually want to remove everything that you see from the Grid before proceeding with this option.


Reports Tab

Venue Grid:

The Venue Grid will allow you to print a full grid for any tournament at each of its venues. Select the Tourney you are interested in, then select the Venue, and lastly, the date. You can also decide the number of courts per grid (CPG) you would like to be shown

This will give you a full Grid view that looks like this:


                  You’ll notice at the very bottom that there is a key indicating which colors represent each division at that tournament.


Find Games: The Find Games option will be for reference only and will allow you to see what games are going on at a certain time or venue during an event. This is similar to the Tourney tab in the iOS app and should not be confused with the “Find Games” feature within the Schedule tab. In this section, you can find games, but this is solely for reference. If you want to add games to your schedule, you can do so from the Schedule tab.


Review Attendance:

This function allows you to search by date to see which coaches attended (and checked in) at specific tournaments.

The “By Recruit” tab allows you to view each Recruit, and shows how many games were seen by a member of your staff and which tournament they were last seen at. Clicking on the Games button on the far right will show specific games in which the Recruit was seen. Additionally, clicking on the Notes button will display all of the Notes taken during that time frame for that specific Recruit.

The “By Staff” tab again allows you to search by date, but now organizes the information by staff member. It will show the name of the staff member on left, the number of games they attended, and the last game they attended during the time frame of your search.

Clicking on the Games button, will show which specific games within a tournament a coach attended. Clicking on the Notes button will show all of the Notes that the selected staff member took about any recruits during the time frame of your search..


The Notes tab allows you to search by Recruit, author, or time frame to see all the notes you or another member of your staff has created. You can print these notes by clicking on the “Print” button in the top right corner.

Again if, at any time, you have questions or issues, please let our industry best support team know at

Happy Recruiting


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