Changing Jobs with your FastDraw Account

If you have an active FastDraw subscription and will be taking a job at a new school, you can take your FastDraw account and plays with you by following these steps.


Changing Your E-mail Address

If you will be using a new e-mail address at your new school, please contact our Support Team and let us know the new e-mail address, and we will update your account for you.


Backing Up Your Plays

In order to transfer your plays to your new school, you will need to Sync your play library to the FastModel cloud server. This file will then be available to download once you have installed FastDraw at your new school. To save to the cloud server, simply click the Sync icon in FastDraw.


Volleyball Bar Sync Boxed.png


Installing FastDraw on your new Computer

Once you have saved your file to the cloud, your next step will be installing FastDraw on your new computer at your new school. This article details the step by step process for your installation, activation, and for downloading your file.


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