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**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit premium or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Please contact our sales team to learn more sales@fastmodelsports.com.**

FastRecruit premium subscribers have access to the Home tab. The home page helps coaches quickly view upcoming games and notes taken on a specific list of recruits they are interested in.

Home Tab

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Home Tab:

To start, select the Home tab from the top of the screen. By default, all recruits will be displayed. To view a list of recruits you have created, select the drop-down. In the example below, I've selected the list, 'JF Recruits'.If no lists are available, please reference this guide on how to create lists. 


FastRecruit Connect subscribers get the added bonus of the 'Connect' features which bring your recruit's social media interactions right into FastRecruit. The 'FastConnect' tab shows a combined social media feed of all the recruits in the selected recruit list. The content in the feed is based on the Twitter profiles, Twitter searches, and Instagram profiles you have saved to the recruit.

The posts seen in the FastConnect feed are broken down into 3 categories and are color-coded accordingly:

1. Direct Posts from Recruit (BLUE) - Twitter or Instagram posts from any profiles linked to the recruit (recruit, parent, coach, etc.). 

2. Shared by Recruit (YELLOW) - posts on Twitter that are retweeted or liked by any twitter profile linked to the recruit. Also, posts on Instagram that have been liked by any profile linked to the recruit. 

3. Talk About the Recruit (WHITE) - posts on Twitter that match any saved Twitter searches you have linked to the recruit or twitter posts that mention a twitter handle linked to the recruit.  

To filter by post types check/uncheck the 3 boxes seen below. To quick search for keywords, use the 'Search' box.

To filter by recruits, check/uncheck the box next to the recruit's name located in the left-hand blue pane.  Click 'Select None' to quickly uncheck all recruits.

To like, retweet, comment, or favorite a post, select a specific post from FastConnect feed then you will be redirected to twitter.com or instagram.com.


Calendar Tab:

The Calendar tab allows you to view recruits' games and staff assigned appointments in a day, week, or month format. The Month View allows you to see the number of recruits, games, or appointments scheduled for the day.   

Select the 'Games' link to bring up details about the games scheduled for that day. Select the 'Star' icon to the right of each game to prioritize that game on your schedule. Select the 'Recruits' link to pull up a list of recruits playing on that day. Selecting the 'Calendar' icon to the right of each recruit allows you to create a new appointment, such as meeting with the recruit after their game.


In Week or Day view, games are displayed as shown below. The name of the recruit you are following will be displayed on the calendar.


Select any game to show the details of the event, including time and location:

Agenda View:

The agenda view displays games in a list format instead of a calendar. 

Select the 'Star' icon to the right of each game to prioritize the game on your schedule. To edit the game details (time, location, etc.), select 'Actions' then the Pencil' icon. To invite other coaches to the game, which adds the game to their schedule as well, select the 'Add Person' icon. 


No matter what schedule view you are looking at, you can use the 'Actions' menu and search box available in the top-right corner.

The 'Actions' menu has three options:

1. Add Event -  create a new game or appointment that was not on your schedule before.

2. Export to CSV - export your schedule as an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Print - prints the schedule view that is currently showing

You can type keywords in the Search box (venues, teams, recruits, etc.) to quickly find specific games on your schedule.

Notes Tab:

The Notes tab shows all existing notes on the recruits in your selected list. Search through the notes by typing keywords into the search box in the top-right corner.


Filter by Recruit:

In Schedule and Notes tabs, you can filter recruits in your list using the left-hand pane.

The criteria for your list is displayed below the list name. In the example below, the list '2020' shows all recruits with a class of 2020.

Use the 'Sort by Name' to sort recruits by name, or class, or last contacted


Select a recruit from this left-hand pane to bring up the menu shown below. From this menu, you can filter your schedule/notes tabs for a specific recruit select the 'Filter by Recruit', view/edit information, add an event, note, or last contacted information.

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