FastConnect Features

**Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between versions of FastRecruit here. Please contact our sales team to learn more**

FastRecruit Connect subscribers get the added bonus of the 'Connect' features which bring your recruit's social media interactions right into FastRecruit.

From the Home tab, you will see a 'FastConnect' tab that shows a combined social media feed of all the recruits in the selected recruit list. The content that shows in this feed is based on the twitter profiles, twitter searches, and instagram profiles you have saved to the recruit.

The posts seen in the FastConnect feed are broken down into 3 categories and are color-coded accordingly:

Direct Posts from Recruit - twitter or instagram posts from any profiles linked to the recruit (recruit, parent, coach, etc.). These posts will display in blue.

Shared by Recruit - posts on twitter that were retweeted or liked by any twitter profiles linked to the recruit. Also shows posts on instagram that have been liked by any profile linked to the recruit. These posts will display in yellow.

Talk About the Recruit - posts on twitter that match any saved twitter searches you have linked to the recruit, or twitter posts that mention a twitter handle linked to the recruit. These posts will display in white.

You can easily filter down the types of posts you see in your FastConnect feed by checking/unchecking the 3 boxes seen below. You can also quickly search for keywords in the 'Search' box.

You can also filter the recruit's included in your FastConnect feed using the left-hand blue pane. You can check/uncheck the boxes next to each recruit to include them in your FastConnect feed. Click 'Select None' to quickly uncheck all recruits.

Selecting a specific post from your FastConnect feed will launch into or, where you can like, retweet, comment, favorite the post if needed.


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