Scout Library

The Scout Library page will show any scouting reports you originally created and all reports created by your staff. This is where you can create new reports for any team, including those not on your official schedule. For example, you can create a report for a future tournament opponent, or potential post-season opponent that may not yet be officially scheduled.

Quickly filter your list of reports by date or search for reports in the search box:

Reports will appear in one of four different statuses:

  • Available - The report is not being edited by yourself or any other coach
  • Editing - Another coach is not actively editing the report, but has done work on it recently
  • Locked - Another coach is actively editing the report, which means other coaches cannot access the ability to edit the report at the same time, and can only be view in "Read-Only" Mode
  • Frozen - The game date has passed, and that report can no long be edited

To delete a report, click the Trash icon, then the delete button next to a report. As mentioned above, only reports in the 'Available' status can be deleted.

To create a new report for any opponent, click Create Report from the Scout Builder page:

From this menu, you can quickly choose an upcoming game from the 'QuickSelect' menu, search for any team in your league

Once you pick a team, add a date, then choose your template and color palette as usual and click Let's Go! to begin

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