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When you log in to FastScout 2, the program will open up to your My Team page. The first sub-category of the My Team page is FastStat. In FastStat, you will see an in-depth statistical analysis of your own team. Use the information as a starting point to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your team as part of a self-scout workflow.

You can filter by types of games, and can turn any chart into a graph view. By default, the All Games filter is selected. Quickly toggle to a different set of games including the comparison filters. Choosing Wins vs. Losses, Home vs. Away or Conf. vs. Non-Conf filters will display two rows of statistics. 

In the example below, I have selected the Conf. vs. Non-Conf. filter. Your team's stats for Conference games show in the top row in black, and stats for Non-Conference games show in the bottom row in light gray.

The FastStat page can be printed by clicking Print in the top-right corner of the page:

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