Adding Video to a Tile

After creating your report, you can add video to any given tile. These videos will show when you push the report to the mobile app. 

To start, click on the hamburger menu in the header of any tile, then select "Add Videos".

Next, choose a video to upload from your computer by clicking the "Upload" button (NOTE: Maximum size for any individual video is ~10 GB. The system will not upload the video if you try and upload anything larger, but you will be able to upload multiple videos).

Users will see the progress of the video as it uploads

Toggle the delete button in the top right to remove any individual videos.

If you want to edit any of the information about the video (title, notes, etc.) or preview the video itself, you can click on the title of the video directly below the thumbnail. Once you are done editing the video information, click "Update" to change the information, then click "Save" to add the video to the tile.

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