Presenter Mode

Presenter Mode allows coaches to view scouts in a presentation format. Presenter Mode is great for sharing scouts with your team on a large TV or projector. Presenter Mode is compatible with Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay. 

To use presenter mode, right click on a scout in the My Scouts page then select "Presenter Mode". If you are already in a scout, select the play button icon available at the top of your screen. 

Entering Presenter Mode will display each tile in Full Screen. A collapsible carousel menu at the top of the screen will show each tile in the scout. To access a specific tile, a coach can click a tile directly or use Tab to move right one tile / Shift+Tab to move left one tile.

In Presenter Mode, Videos that are attached to a tile will appear as their own 'tile'. They will appear directly to the right of the tile they are attached to. Videos can be played from Presenter Mode (including full-screen).

Presentation Settings

Click on the settings button to access settings for your presentation

Click on any slide or video to hide/show it from your presentation. This will help customize your scouting report so it is perfect for a big-screen presentation! 

Download your slides as image files by clicking the EXPORT SLIDES button then selecting the Download button. A .zip file will be downloaded to your computer with an image file for each slide in your scouting report! You can add these images to any presentation tool you might use outside of FastScout.

If you only want to download personnel slides, simply check the 'Download personnel only' checkbox

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