The Dashboard tab is space to plan your team's future. Here you can create a draft board and depth chart, and view your recruiting calendar and assigned task. 


 You can add a recruit to your draft board from either the Dashboard or Recruit tab. To add recruits to your board from your database, hover on the board then click plus/add recruit icon. Players can be moved around the Draft Board via drag/drop.

Clicking on a player's name from the Draft Board will display info about the player. 

DEPTH CHART - NCAA roster data will populate this automatically. Users can move players between positions, but not classes. Toggling the season will move each player up 1 class. This is meant to show coaches what their roster will look like each season.


To edit the depth chart, click on the edit.


CALENDAR - The Calendar will show the following events:

  1. Recruit's High School games
  2. Ad-hoc events added by users in FastRecruit
  3. Tourney games
  4. NCAA games for your team
  5. Tasks assigned to the user
  6. NCAA Recruiting Calendar

To filter your calendar, click the show dropdown menu. Here, you can filter to show All Recruits, Team, Task or NCAA Calendar. 

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