For Talent Users (iOS)

1. How to Download the App & Login

    To download the application on your smartphone, head to the App Store and search for FastAccess. You should see a gold FastModel logo. You can also click this link HERE. Upon opening the app, you will be brought to the login screen to input your email & password combination. After officially logging in, the home screen will appear with any outstanding messages for the Talent user to record. 

2. How to Record a Selfie

 If there was not a video file included before sending the message, you will have to record a selfie video or select a previously saved video from your mobile device using the + icon. You can do this using either the front or back facing camera your smartphone, but once the recording has started, you will not be able to change back and forth. To start, simply hit the red record button once and then again after you have completed the recording. Before saving, you will have the chance to replay the video back. 


3. How to Record a Picture-in-Picture Voiceover Narration

If a video file was included with the sent message, you will have the option to record a video message alongside it while it plays. If you would prefer, you can also turn off your own video camera and simply record an audio message while the video plays. Keep in mind, the video file audio will be played at 5% volume. Again, upon completion of your recording, you will have the chance to review and play it back before finalizing.

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