FastSharing Plays to Web

The FastShare button will perform a variety of key actions including saving your plays to your account on the FastModel server, sending your plays to FastDraw Web, and share your plays and playbooks with the rest of your staff, allowing them to access them within their own FastDraw applications.

1. Saving Your Plays to Your Account

    FastSharing your plays will ensure they are saved to your account on the FastModel server. That way, if you ever need to access FastDraw on a different computer, you'll be able to easily Fastshare on that new device and download all of your plays into your system. 

2. Sending Plays to FastDraw Web

    To send all of your plays, playbooks, or even any changes you've made to your play library to FastDraw Web, you'll need to FastShare. Any changes you make in FastDraw, from adjusting 1 frame within a play to changing the Playbook Settings for a playbook, will only be reflected within FastDraw Web after you've FastShared.

3. Sharing Changes with Other Staff Members on Your Account

    While FastSharing does save your file of plays to your account, it also allows that same, updated file of plays to be accessed by all other staff members on your account. After you have FastShared, your other staff members can do the same within their own FastDraw application to download those changes, assuring that their play library remains as up to date as possible. 

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