Adding Coaches and Players to the Mobile App

**Please note that only users who are marked as administrators can log-in to the admin portal. If you need to be marked as an administrator, please contact our support team:**

To add coaches or players to FastScout Mobile, please head to After logging in, you will see the page below. Please click on the green “Add User” button.

After clicking “Add User”, the following modal will appear. Please enter the information for the user you wish to grant access. Make sure to select “FastScout” for the Product Seat. Also select whether the user is a coach or player under "User Role"

After pressing Save, the user will be added to the “FastScout2” product. Next, you will need to set a password for the user. Please click on the “Actions” menu for the user on the right then select “Assign New Password”.

You’re all set! You can now log in to the FastScout Mobile App!

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