Attaching Documents to Recruits

As you evaluate a recruit for your team, keeping all important documents related to their recruiting in one place is vital. With FastRecruit, coaches can easily store and share all pertinent information in the recruiting process. Select the documents tab while viewing a recruit modal and upload any PDF or image. Transcripts, full spring and summer schedules, personalized graphics, whatever it might be -- all the info coaches need in recruiting are now in one place!

Attaching Documents from Your Computer

To attach a new document from your computer, click to open the recruit modal. Select the documents tab on the right hand side of the page. Click the plus icon in the top right corner to upload a file. You can then browse document files (pdf, jpg, jpeg, png) from your local computer. Please note you cannot upload Word or Excel documents at this time. 

View Documents attached to Recruits on iOS

All documents you attach to a recruit on FastRecruit web can be viewed on the FastRecruit iOS app. Documents can be viewed by selecting a recruit and clicking to open the documents drop-down. 

Downloading and Sharing Documents on iOS

Documents you attach to a recruit on FastRecruit web can also be downloaded from the FastRecruit iOS app and shared with others via text message, email, What's App, or other built-in messaging applications. This is an excellent way for coaches to organize personalized images or PDFs in FastRecruit then share them seamlessly with recruits. 

How to Download & Share Documents

Open up the document attached to an individual recruit's profile in FastRecruit iOS. Select the share option in the bottom left corner. This will open up your iPhone's image sharing options. From here, you can choose to share via text message, email, What's App, social media, or other messaging applications.

To Download

You can also download attached images to your local iPhone photo library and pdf documents to your local Files. This will allow you to send the file at a later date and time.


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