Custom Table

Selecting the Custom Table tile will open up a format menu where you can select how many columns and rows you want in your table, as well as the option for a Header row and/or column. Clicking will confirm your number of rows and columns and add your custom table to your report. As an alternative, a .csv file of info can also be uploaded directly into the custom table from your computer. - In the example below, a .csv file of Elena Delle Donne's career stats were uploaded.

Once the custom table is added, the menu icons in the black ribbon menu will allow you add rows and columns, as well as turn on/off the Header row or column. If you need to delete a row or column, select a single cell within that row or column and other options will appear in the black ribbon menu.

Once the format of the table is set, the Text Format Menu can be used to adjust font size, text format, colors, and alignment. 

To change the text format, select an individual cell or entire rows/columns using the grey block to the left or top of any row/column. Then, use the Text Format menu options to adjust your table info accordingly. 

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