Adding Attachments to Scouting Reports

After completing a scouting report, you can now add attachments to the whole report via the paperclip icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

In order to do this, click on the paperclip and you will be able to select what attachments you would like to add. You can add videos, playbooks, or other documents to the scouting report.

To add video, select the video tab, then select the add video button on the right side of the screen. You can then choose to add it either from Synergy, VidSwap, or your computer. You can also load multiple clips from all three sources. If you are adding video from your computer, please note, we support videos up to 10 gb and files must be in .mov or .mp4 format. 

Once you have selected the videos you would like to add you will see them load then appear in a preview.

To add playbooks, select the playbooks tab, then select the playbook you would like to add. A preview will populate to the right of the selected playbook.

To add any additional documents, select the documents tab then select the document you would like to attach to the scouting report.

After you have selected a document you will it load and then a preview will appear before you officially add it to the report.

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