Adding Coaches & Players

To add a new user, select the Add User button on the right hand side, below the team logo.

The "New Account User" window will open and prompt you to enter the user's email addressfirst name, and last name. You will also need to assign a password for this user. Please note that you will need to provide this login information to the user after adding them to your account.

You will then need to select which product(s) that you are allowing the user to access (FastDraw, FastDraw Table, FastScout). To do so, click on the dropdown menu below Product Seats and select the relevant product(s) and they will be shaded grey. To unselect a product, click it again and the grey shading will be removed.

After selecting the Product Seats to be assigned, more options will be shown below. If FastScout has been selected, you must assign a role for FastScout (Player or Coach) for the user to have access. Both FastDraw products will require a number of seats to be assigned to the user. Each seat refers to a device that can be used for that product. For example, to use a work computer and personal laptop, 2 seats are required for FastDraw.

When all the above has been completed, the Save button will no longer be greyed out and you'll be able to save the user to your account.

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