FastScout v4.5.0 - Insert Player Notes from Previous Scouting Reports

The latest version of FastScout allows you to quickly view and insert notes you've added on past scouting reports directly into personnel tiles! This can greatly speed up the time it takes you to create scouting reports, and helps you leverage all the work you've done in FastScout over the years.

How Does it Work?

The all new NOTES tab you can find for any player will list out every note you've taken on that player in the past using FastScout. Click on any row to open the scouting report.

When you're typing text into a personnel tile, you'll see a new sticky-note button available

Clicking this will open the new Player Notes screen, which will list all of the notes you and your staff have ever captured about the player in FastScout scouting reports.

Each row will show the Team, Scout Name & Game Date along with the note captured.

Click on any row to insert the note into your scouting report!

This new feature will reduce the time you spend writing up scouting reports, and will help you leverage a huge amount of information that you build up during your career using FastScout.

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