FastScout 2 is our next generation scouting report software brought to you by FastModel Sports. FastScout 2 will provide tools to help coaches better research opponents before creating scouting reports, as well as provide a more intuitive report builder than the previous version of FastScout.

FastScout 2 is still in the beta stage of development. At this point, we do not expect FastScout 2 to replace your current FastScout workflow. We are continuously adding new features and making improvements to the FastScout 2 application, with new releases coming out about every 2 weeks. For those coaches who are interested, we would love to hear feedback and suggestions on what you see in FastScout 2 so far. Feel free to e-mail our support team at with any questions or feedback you have about FastScout 2.

FastScout 2 is a completely web-based application that can be accessed from

Users will log-in to FastScout 2 with their e-mail addresses and FastModel passwords. Passwords can be reset here if needed.