Printing in FastDraw

All printing in FastDraw is done from the Preview Tab. To print, you will first need to make a playbook containing the plays that you want to print. The quickest and easiest way to create a playbook is to use FastPrint.


To use FastPrint, make a check mark next to each play in your library that you would like to print, and then click the FastPrint icon near the top of the page.


Once you have selected your plays, you can give your playbook a name, or leave the default name which will include the date and time that the playbook was created.

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The Preview Tab

After you create your playbook, you will be taken to the Preview Tab, where you can see what your printed playbook will look like. The default playbook settings will set your playbook to print one frame on each page of the playbook. If you would like to change the layout, you can do so using the Playbook Settings menu, which is covered inĀ this article.

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Once you are satisfied with the settings for your playbook, you can print your playbook, or create a PDF version of your playbook, by clicking either the Print or PDF icon.


Custom Playbook Creation

In addition to using FastPrint to create a playbook, you also have the option to manually create a playbook from within the Playbook Tab, which will give you greater control over how the playbook is organized. For instructions on creating a custom playbook and using Chapters and Sections, please check out this article.

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