Adjusting Print Settings

The Playbook Settings Menu

When you use the FastPrint feature in FastDraw, or when you create a custom playbook, by default your playbook will be set to print one frame on each page. You can adjust the formatting of your playbook by clicking the Playbook Settings icon within the Preview tab.

Playbook Settings.png

Page Options - In the Page Options section of the Playbook Settings menu, you can set the Title and Subtitle for your page, and adjust what information is displayed in the header and footer of your page.

Page Options

Play Options - The Play Options section is where you can control how many frames are included on each page using the Frames per Row and Rows per Page settings. A good starting point is 3 Frames per Row and Rows per Page set to Auto.

Play Labels - Just like you can set the Title and Subtitle for your page, the Play Labels allow you to control how each frame in your playbook will be labeled. These play labels will appear directly above each frame.

Saving Print Settings

If you have found a good set of print settings and would like to be able to access them quickly, you can easily save your print settings to keep from having to adjust your settings each time you create a playbook. In the Playbook Settings menu, there are two drop down menus at the top, one for Print Settings and one that says Actions.

The default setting is Full Page, and the check mark denotes that it is set as the default. To create a new default print setting, first use the Playbook Settings menu to create the settings that you would like (set your number of frames, your play labels, etc). Once you are satisfied with the playbook's layout, click the Actions menu and select Save As New Print Settings. In the Menu that opens, name your new settings.

After you have created your new settings, your new setting will be available in the drop down menu for Print Settings. You can now click the Actions menu again and select Set as Default to make this the default settings that are applied to each new playbook that you create. If you make any changes to the setting that you would like to save, select Save Changes to Print Setting from the Actions menu.

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