FastTrade - Sending and Receiving Plays

The FastTrade System

Non-FastDraw Users - FastTrade is a feature in FastDraw that allows you to send plays via e-mail to other coaches and players. A play that is sent to coaches or players who do not have a FastDraw license will arrive in the recipient's e-mail inbox, and they can view your play in their e-mail browser or web browser.

FastDraw Users - Multiple plays, and also playbooks, can be sent at one time to other coaches who use FastDraw, where they can import the plays directly into their own FastDraw library.

Sending a FastTrade from FastDraw Desktop

In your Play Library, select one or more plays to send by making a check mark next to the play, and then click the FastTrade menu from the top menu bar and select Send Plays.


In the Send Plays menu that opens, you can specify your recipients by entering their e-mail addresses in the To section (separated by commas), change the Playbook Name, and include a Message to the recipients.

Sending a FastTrade from FastDraw iPad

A FastTrade e-mail sent from the iPad works just like one sent from FastDraw desktop, however, only one play can be sent at a time. To send a play, first open the play in the app and then click on the Share icon in the top right corner. From the menu that opens, select the E-mail option.

The Send E-mail window will open, and here you can enter the e-mail addresses of your recipients and include a message.

Receiving a FastTrade - Desktop

When you receive a FastTrade, the play will be sent to your FastTrade Inbox. To access your Inbox in the FastDraw desktop software, click the FastTrade menu in the top menu bar and select FastTrade Manager. In the FastTrade Manager window, you plays will be listed under the Inbox tab. To add the play to your Play Library, place a check mark next to the play and then click the Add to Library button.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 9.45.43 AM.png

Receiving a FastTrade - iPad

To import the plays that you receive in FastTrade to your iPad, select the Inbox tab from the top left, and then select the Received tab just underneath. All of your received plays will be listed.

To import a play into your library, click the icon of the arrow pointing downwards, and in the next menu select Download.

Downloading from the FastModel PlayBank

Our PlayBank features over 4,000 plays from contributors that you are able to download and import to your library via FastTrade. When you find a play that you like, click the "Send to FastDraw" button, and then enter the e-mail address that you use with your FastDraw account.

In addition to receiving the play in an e-mail, the play will also be available in your FastTrade Inbox. Simply follow the same instructions as above for importing FastTrades into your Play Library to view your play in FastDraw.

Having trouble finding your imported play?

When you receive a FastTrade from another coach, you may find that without knowing the exact Team and Series labels for the play or plays that were sent to you, you may have a bit of difficulty locating it in your library. Here is an easy way to identify your plays so that you can organize them in your library.

When you add one or more plays to your library from your FastTrade Inbox, a playbook containing the plays is automatically generated and placed in the FastTrade folder of your Playbook Library.

To identify the exact location of your plays in your library, click the Playbook tab to view your newly created playbook. In the Playbook Editor window (center window), the plays in the playbook will be listed by Play Name, (# of frames), Team Name, and Series.

Use these values and the filters in your Draw Library window to locate your plays. Once you find your plays, you can use the techniques described here to change the values for Season, Team, or Series to assign your new plays to the correct location in your library.

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