FastModel PlayBank

Downloading from the FastModel PlayBank

Our PlayBank features over 9,000 plays from contributors that you are able to download and import to your library via FastTrade. When you find a play that you like, click the "Send to FastDraw" button, and then enter the e-mail address that you use with your FastDraw account.

This play will now be available in your FastTrade Inbox. Simply follow the same process for Importing FastTrades to view this play in FastDraw.

Having trouble finding your imported play?

When you receive a FastTrade from another coach, you may find that without knowing the exact Team and Series labels for the play or plays that were sent to you, you may have a bit of difficulty locating it in your library. Here is an easy way to identify your plays so that you can organize them in your library.

When you add one or more plays to your library from your FastTrade Inbox, a playbook containing the plays is automatically generated and placed in the FastTrade folder of your Playbook Library.

To identify the exact location of your plays in your library, click the Playbook tab to view your newly created playbook. In the Playbook Editor window (center window), the plays in the playbook will be listed by Play Name, (# of frames), Team Name, and Series.

Use these values and the filters in your Draw Library window to locate your plays. Once you find your plays, you can use the techniques described here to change the values for Season, Team, or Series to assign your new plays to the correct location in your library.

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