FastDraw Memory Shortage Error (Mac)

If you are using FastDraw Desktop and receive an error message upon startup, when previewing a playbook, or while saving that indicates a "memory shortage", this indicates that your computer does not currently have enough free RAM to complete the requested task. In order to resolve this error message, there are two options available for you to use.

Freeing Up Memory for FastDraw

The first thing that you can do to fix this issue is close any other programs that you have running that are not essential at the moment. This could include other software, such as FastScout, Microsoft Word, a video editing program, or also your web browser, which consumes a good amount of memory. Once you have closed as many other programs as possible, try running your task again.

Adjusting Memory Settings in FastDraw

As a more permanent solution to memory issues in FastDraw, you have the ability to change a setting in the program that will free up a little more memory for you to use each time you use FastDraw. To access this setting, select the Go menu from the top menu bar of your Finder and select Home.

In the menu that opens, locate your Fast Model folder, and then select FastDraw, and then Basketball. Locate the file named 'FastDraw Basketball.vmoptions'

Once you locate 'FastDraw Basketball.vmoptions, right-click and select Open With > TextEdit. You can choose any text viewing program available to you, but the best one that we recommend is simply TextEdit.


In this file you will see an area that says "These are the default memory options FastDraw uses". Locate the line below that says "#-Xmx1024m".

Now that you have located this line, set your mouse cursor to click and edit this line, just as you would in a program like Microsoft Word. Erase just the number "1200", and type in "2000" instead. The line will now read "-Xmx2000m". You will also need to erase the '#' character on this line for the changes to take effect.

That's it! Now all you have to do is save the file, which you can do by selecting the File menu from the top menu bar and selecting Save.

Your FastDraw program should now have a little more memory available to use to help you get through some of the more memory intensive tasks within the program. As always, if this does not clear up your memory issues or if you need assistance with any of the steps, our Support Team is available to help.

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