Your current license does not permit you to open this Project.

If you open FastDraw and are seeing the message below, it is because FastDraw is attempting to open a file that is locked to another account. This may be another one of your accounts, or a file that someone has given you, but it is locked to the original account.

Select "OK" to progress from this window.

You will then see the following message stating that the file cannot be opened with this current license. Again, select "OK" to progress from this window.

You will now be in FastDraw, but without any file opened. Press the FastShare button to access the file associated with this account. If there are none available, you'll see a message noting that there are "No FastShare files available". Select "OK" to progress from this window.

Select File > Open File from the top menu. This will show you the locally saved FastDraw files (ending in .fdb) on your computer. If any of these files are associated with the account that you are logged in to, they will open and you'll be able to use FastDraw as usual. If the file is locked to another user, then you'll see the same message as shown above.

If you're unable to open any files, you will need to create a new file. By default, FastDraw is set to only allow 1 FastDraw file to prevent having plays spread over numerous files. To override this, select File > Program Settings from the top menu and check the checkbox next to "Allow creation of multiple FastDraw files" and press OK.

Now select File > New File from the top menu. This will prompt you to create a new play, which will begin the new file. Enter the information needed - Play Name, Team, and Series - then select OK. Please note that you will need to add a new Team and a new Series the first time. Once you see a play in FastDraw, select File > Save File from the top menu and name the file - we recommend naming it something that is easy to identify which account it is associated with.

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