Creating a Custom Generic Personnel Tile for Players Not On Roster (D-II/D-III Scouts)

To create a generic personnel tile for a player not listed on the roster, first add a personnel tile in the scout builder, using the same Game Splits, Stat Columns, and layout that you normally would. For the player selection, choose any player on the roster.

After adding the individual personnel tile, click the three dot menu in the header of the tile, and click "Settings".

In the Settings menu, leave any random player selected up top, as personnel tiles must be attached to an active player on the roster. Next in the Settings menu, under the Player Info Arrangement, uncheck all aspects of that player's info, and click "Save".

You will now see the personnel tile with no Player Info along the top bar.

Next, follow these steps on how to Add Custom Pictures to a Personnel Tile and Add Custom Stats to a Personnel Tile, and the result will a totally blank personnel tile.

After creating the blank personnel tile, click the three dot menu, and click "Save as Custom Tile", and call the tile "Blank Personnel Tile".

Now, in whatever report you need to add a custom personnel tile, click Account Custom Tiles, and add as many Blank Personnel Tiles as you need for that report.

When adding the Blank Personnel Tile, you will need to attach it to a player on the roster by clicking "Select a Player" (the player you select WILL NOT MATTER, and is insignificant, the personnel tiles again just needs to be attached to one player in general). After selecting a random player, you will now see that the Blank Personnel Tile appears.

To add custom player information, click the Hamburger menu on that specific Blank Personnel Tile, then click Settings. At the bottom of Player Info Arrangement, click "Custom Text", and enter each piece of information about the player. 

Click "Save" once you are done and you will see these Custom Texts appear in the Player Info area, and you can then proceed uploading an image from your computer and manually typing in stats.

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