Add Video to a Play

***Any video saved on your computer as an MP4 or a .mov file can be added to a play

To add a video to a play, navigate to the Plays tab on the web and select the play you would like to add video to. Once you are on the play you would like to add video to, select the "Add Video" button near the upper righthand corner. Once you click "Add Video", select either the "From Computer" option or the " From Synergy" option (The "From Synergy" will only be available if you have the Synergy Integration in your package).Once you select from computer, you will be prompted to select the MP4 or .mov file from your computer. Select the file and then you will see it download and show up above the play. If you have the Synergy Integration, select the clips you'd like to add and the click on Add "#" Clips.

To play the video, simply click on it and click the play button in the middle of the video. If you play has a video attached to it, there will be a video icon to the right of the play name. To delete the video, hover your mouse over it and click the "X" in the upper left corner of it.

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