Mobile Access

***To remove plays from mobile, go through the same process as sending plays to mobile, just un-check the plays you'd like to remove.

***The same process can be followed to send videos to mobile from the Videos tab.

To send a play to mobile, navigate to the Plays tab on the web and then select the "Mobile Access" button near the top, left side of the page.

Once you click the "Mobile Access" button, you will be prompted to check the plays that you would like to send to mobile. Check the box next to the plays you would would like to send to mobile (If you would like to select all the plays at once, check the top check box), and then click on "Manage Access".

Once you click on "Manage Access", either check the "Select All" check box to select all players and coaches or select players and coaches individually by checking the box next to their name. Once you have your players and coaches selected, click save and your plays will be sent to mobile.

Plays that are sent to mobile have a lit up phone icon to the left of the play name - plays that have not been sent to mobile will have a light gray icon.

Navigate to the Plays tab in the mobile app to view any plays that you have sent to mobile. In the top right corner, there are buttons to sort or search for plays. You can also filter plays by Season, Team, or Series by clicking on the respective headers.

Once you click into a play, you can scroll through each frame. If you have attached video to the play, it will show up after the frames. You have the option to "Play All" videos as well as download the videos. You can find the download button in the upper right corner of the video.

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