Moving FastDraw to a New or Second Computer

Moving FastDraw to a new computer

Backup Up Your Plays to the Cloud

To get started on your new computer, the first step is to save a Backup of your play library to the FastModel cloud server on your current computer, which can be done by clicking the FastShare icon. (More info on the FastShare process can be found here.)

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Installation and Activation on New Computer

***Note: you will need a second seat to freely activate on a second device (Premium package). Otherwise, you will need to deactivate from your first computer.

Now for your new computer, you can download the FastDraw software from our downloads page. Once you have installed FastDraw, you will need to activate the new computer. If you do not know your e-mail and password, you can click the forgot password link.

Restoring Your Sync (FastShare) File

Once you have completed your activation and opened FastDraw, you should receive a prompt asking you if you would like to start FastSharing. Once you do, your plays will begin to download to your new computer.

If you cancelled the prompt to download the Sync file, or if you would like to do it at a later time, you can manually download your FastShare file at any time. To do this, click the FastShare icon. 

Saving Your File

Once your FastShare file finishes downloading, open the File menu from the top menu bar and choose Save File. This will save your file locally on your hard drive, which also ensures that the file will open automatically the next time you start FastDraw. From this point forward, be sure to continue to frequently click the FastShare icon to save your work to our cloud server, offering an additional layer of protection for your save file.

Installing FastDraw on a second computer (Premium Packages)

Installing FastDraw

To install FastDraw on any computer, you can download the FastDraw software at any time at our downloads page.

Activating FastDraw

Once you have downloaded and installed the FastDraw program, open the software and you will be taken to the activation menu. Here you can activate your software using your e-mail and password.

FastSharing Between Your Computers

After you have installed and activated FastDraw on a new computer, you can open FastDraw on your old computer and click the FastShare icon to save a copy of your play library to our cloud server. Back on your new computer, find and click FastShare icon. Clicking FastShare will download your backup file and give you access to your full play library.

Whenever you switch between computers, simply follow the FastShare process to keep your computers synced so that you will have access to your full play library on each computer.

With your FastDraw license, you can activate the software using your e-mail address and password, or with the activation key that you received with your FastDraw purchase. You can then sync your computers using the FastShare feature.

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