Compatibility and Converting from Legacy Platform

If you were previously using the FastDraw Desktop program, please ensure you click the FastShare button to upload your existing play library to your account on our server. This step will help ensure that all of your previously drawn plays display properly on the new FastDraw Web platform.

You can continue using FastDraw Desktop to create plays and playbooks while you also use FastDraw Web. Please ensure that you use the FastShare feature to upload the new plays and edits to existing plays in FastDraw Web. 

Please note: There is no backward compatibility. If you create any plays from FastDraw Web, it will not be viewable in FastDraw Desktop, only on FastDraw Web.

Existing Plays will be available on FastDraw-Web

Any plays you create on the existing FastDraw-Desktop application will be available to view, edit and ANIMATE on the new FastDraw-Web app! Just click the FastShare button on the Desktop app to see any new plays appear on the new FastDraw-Web app.

Existing Teams & Series will be available on FastDraw-Web

Teams & Series created on FastDraw-Desktop will be available to use on FastDraw-Web to organize your play library with.

More on Teams Mapping

Teams from FastDraw Classic that match exactly to the auto-generated list of teams will automatically link to that team in FastDraw-Web. In this example, I had a team titled "Butler" and so it matches the "Butler" team automatically

Teams that don't have quite the same title such as this example where I have a team in FastDraw-Desktop titled "Tenn-Martin". I want this team to map to "UT Martin" on FastDraw-Web but it doesn't automatically do so:

To quickly remedy this, on FastDraw-Web I can filter to my plays with the team "Tenn-Martin", right click and change the team to "UT Martin". This will have great down-stream benefits like making it easier to reference plays for that team throughout your scouting and preparation process!

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