Line Chart

Add a Line Chart tile to your scouting report to capture specific lines you need to prepare for in your next game.

Define Groups

You can define any groups in the settings menu for the Line Chart tile. The default groups you will see are:

  • Left Wing
  • Center
  • Right Wing
  • Left Defense
  • Right Defense
  • Goalies
  • Extras
  • Not Dressing

You can change the title of any of these groupings here in the settings menu

Customize Layout & Stats of Groups

To customize the stats for a group, click on the 'CARD STATS' for a group to customize which statistics display for cards in the group.

To customize the layout for a group, click on the group card type to toggle between various pre-set options

[Image TBD]

Check the box 'Always Show Notes On Player Cards' to include a space on each card to capture free-text notes about each player

Once you customize the layout and statistics for one group, you can quickly copy & paste those settings to other groups.

Choose Players for each Card

Once you add your Line Chart tile to your scouting report, you can add or remove players for each card.

Click the + button next to the group-header to add more players

Click the x next to any player to remove them from the group

Easily drag & drop cards around the screen as needed

To add 2 Line Charts to a page in a side-by-side view, follow these steps:

  1. Toggle the layout of your report to 'Landscape' from the Design tab in ScoutBuilder
  2. Add 2 Line Chart tiles, one for each team. Re-size the tiles to fit the page side-by-side

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