Shot Type Frequency: Free-Throw and 3-Point Rates

In the same way we reformulate points and turnovers to Offensive Rating and Turnover Percentage, we can adjust the amount of three-pointers and free-throws a team attempts based on total field goals.

Free-Throw Rate

Dividing total free-throw attempts by total field goal attempts allows us to standardize how often a team draws shooting fouls across games.

This can be useful in certain contexts; for example, in a double-overtime game between the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers in 2023, the Kings attempted 35 free-throws, tied for their fifth-highest total all season. But when you divide that by their 111 field goal attempts, their FT-R was 31.5%, which is still above average but only ranks 30th among their 82 regular season games.

Three-Point Rate

We apply the same formula for three-pointers to calculate the percentage of field goals that came from long range.

Using the same Kings-Clippers game, we see that the Clippers attempted 45 three-pointers out of 98 total field goals, their fourth-highest total all season, but after calculating their 3P-R of 45.9%, this ranking drops to 15th. Attempting nearly half of your field goals from 3 is still pretty high, but interpretation and context are always just as important as the statistic itself.

Where to Find 3P-R, FT-R

You can find these advanced statistics in most tables on the FastScout dashboard, as highlighted below (though you may have to toggle between averages/totals/advanced/per 40).

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