Advanced Player Statistics: AST%, STL%, BLK%, and USG

Most of the advanced stats on FastScout are scalable across the team, player, and lineup levels, but there are a few that are only applicable to individual players: assist percentage, steal percentage, block percentage, and usage percentage.

Note that for each of the following formulas, team totals (denoted as Team FGA, for example) are multiplied by the player's minutes played and divided by the team's minutes played in order to estimate the number of FGA (or other statistic) that occurred while that player was on the court.

Assist Percentage

AST% estimates the percentage of teammate made field goals a player assisted while on the floor:

Note that the player's total made field goals are subtracted to estimate teammate field goals. AST% also only takes into account made field goals, meaning potential assist opportunities are neglected in this calculation.

Steal Percentage

STL% estimates the percentage of opponent possessions that end with a steal by a player while on the floor:

Block Percentage

BLK% estimates the percentage of opponent two-point attempts blocked by a player while on the floor:

Usage Percentage

USG% estimates the percentage of team possessions used by a player while on the floor:

Note that the total number of free-throw attempts is multiplied by 0.44 to estimate possessions ended by free-throw attempts, controlling for one-shot instances such as technical fouls or and-ones.

Where to Find AST%, STL%, BLK%, and USG%

You can find these advanced statistics in the box score table on the FastScout dashboard, as highlighted below, or on the Team Stats tab.

Assist, steal, block, and usage percentages are great and come in handy when you want to compare two players with varying roles. For example, a player coming off the bench might only average 3 assists per game, but when you control only for the possessions that the player was on the court for, their AST% may better resemble that of a starter.

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