FastModel Admin Portal-User Guide

FastModel Admin Portal

Your account administrator can now add new users and assign them seats of FastDraw, FastScout, FastRecruit as well as remove any users who have either left your team or no longer require the use of FastModel’s products.

A FastModel employee will assign the account administrator access to one member of your staff and after that has been set up, that user will be able to log into the “Admin Portal” at, the account administrator can promote other staff members to account administrator if they wish to share the responsibility. Only account administrators have the ability to log into and change items within an account.

You will be able to log in using your email address and your password that you have set up for FastModel. This is the same password you would use to log into FastRecruit or FastDraw on the iPad. If you do not know your password, please select the “Forgot Password” link.page1image9200 page1image9360



The main screen is the Summary screen, which will display the number of seats you have available for each product, as well as how many have already been assigned.

The option you will use to add new members to your staff as well as assign seats to them is to click on 


Enter the user’s email address, as well as their First and Last Names. Lastly, you will be able to select the “Product Seats” to select which Products this user should be given a license to.

Your list of Account Users will be shown at the bottom of the Summary screen.

On the far right side of each of these lines is an “Actions” button. Click on that and you will be able to:

Remove from Account ­This will remove the user and any current seat licenses from this account. Send Keys­ This will email the activation keys to the user.
Change Name
­ This will allow you to update the user’s first and last names.
Assign New Passwords
­ Set the password for a user, which can be used to activate FastDraw, FastScout and log into FastRecruit.

Promote to Admin­ This would allow access to the admin portal to another user. 

Getting your New User Startedpage2image12856 page2image13016 page2image13176 page2image13336 page2image13496

Once you follow the above steps to “Add User”, fill out their information, and assign them products you will want to take a few steps to get them started.

  1. 1)  Click on the “Actions” button and select, “Assign New Password”. Choose a password for your new staff member and then be sure to tell them their password. They can change it anytime by clicking on the reset password link here.Giving each staff member a password allows them to activate and log into each of their FastModel products without using activation keys.

  2. 2)  Next, click on the “Actions” button again and select, “Send Keys”. Sending keys will email your new user the below email which includes a link to download FastDraw & FastScout, their activation keys, the expiration dates of their products, and the number of seats/licenses your team has and are currently using.

a) It is important to note that coaches can also use their email address and password to activate any of their products instead of using their activation key.


Product Page

You can click on the product name on the Summary page to view the details for any of your purchased products.


This page will allow you to view the license keys for all users, a list of current activations and any account or FastShare files associated with your account can be viewed by clicking on the product name at the top of the Summary page. The product page, shown below, will also allow you to Assign Seats by clicking on the “Assign Seat” button below.

To edit the seat assignment for any user, click the  .

In this dialog, you can reduce or add to the number of seats the user has, or you can click the

icon to   them from the selected product.

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