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How can I get started with FastRecruit? 

A member of your staff was marked as the account administrator and was emailed login information for FastRecruit. This email can sometimes end up in the user's Spam or Junk inbox, so please be sure to check there if the e-mail hasn't arrived in the Inbox. After that user logs in, he or she will be able to assign licenses to the rest of the staff through the Admin Portal.

Why can't I log into FastRecruit Web?

The most common answer is that your account admin has not yet added you to the staff / granted you a license for FastRecruit within the FastRecruit Admin Portal.

How do I know what my password is?

If you've ever logged into any of our FastModel applications (i.e. FastDraw, FastScout), you will have a password from that. If you don't know your password or if you have never had a password your account admin can reset your password for you in the Admin Portal or you can also click here.

What is the link for the Web Portal?

FastRecruit Web Portal link:

When will the schedules be available for each tournament?

Schedules are provided by the tournament operators to FastModel and will be available as soon as we receive them and are able to ingest them into our system. We are hopeful that this is many days before a tournament begins.

Why isn't a particular tournament covered by FastRecruit?

FastModel strives to cover as many tournaments as possible, but it requires commitment from the tournament operators. When we are unable to secure a commitment from the operator, then the tournament will not be included in the FastRecruit platform. In those instances, you always have the option to create your own custom tournament in FastRecruit as well.

No games showing up in Schedule tab?

If you have added recruits and assigned them to tourney teams on the Web, but no games are showing up on either the Schedule tab on the web or the Schedule tab on the phone, make sure you’ve assigned staff members to the tournament as well. The Schedule tab only shows games for recruits to staff members assigned to that particular tournament.

Trying to assign a Tourney Team for a Recruit, but I can't find one that matches?

While it’s best to try and get ahead of things by mapping all of your Recruits to their tourney team via the Web portal, sometimes the tourney team names may be confusing enough that you are actually better off waiting until you get to the tournament where you’ll have access to the tournament’s book and other information that will make assigning the correct tourney team more accurate and less ambiguous. Once you have accurate information for the Recruit, you can add a tourney team from the Recruits tab in FastRecruit Mobile to update your schedule.

How to add a recruit to two teams at the same tournament?

Adding more than one tourney team for a Recruit is allowed in both the FastRecruit Web portal and in the FastRecruit Mobile app. From the Web portal, simply search for and add as many teams as necessary at once. From the Mobile app, simply open the Recruit's profile in the Recruits tab and use the "Add Tourney Team" button for each team you wish to add the Recruit to.

What is the difference between "following a tourney team" and just starring all of that team's games?

When you follow a team, any games that the team is involved in are automatically included in your schedule. This includes new bracket games as the tournament advances.

Starring a team’s games, on the other hand, simply add those individual games to your schedule and will not update new games when the tournament goes to bracket play. In that case, you will have to continually check the team’s schedule after pool play is complete and after each bracket game to see if there are new games you should star.  

Therefore, following a tourney team is a far more effective way to stay up to date with a team's tourney schedule than starring games. Stars are best used for prioritizing the most important games in your schedule to attend when you have multiple games at the same time to choose from.

I'm at a Tourney and I don’t see a Recruit's games in my schedule?

If you are attending a tournament and the games of a Recruit that you wish to see are not in your schedule, there are a few things you can check to correct this:

  1. Make sure you are assigned to the tournament you are attending. You can check on this right from your Mobile app using these steps.
  2. Make sure the Recruit is correctly assigned to the proper tourney team, ensuring that the team's games are added to your schedule.This guide can help you with the steps of updating a Recruit's tourney team.
  3. As an alternate option to assigning the Recruit of interest to a tourney team, you can simply follow the tourney team to add all of their games to your schedule.

Once you have confirmed that you are correctly assigned to the tournament and your Recruit is either assigned to the correct tourney team, or you have followed the correct tourney team, the Recruit's games should now appear in your schedule.

There are Too Many Games on my Schedule Tab for a Given Day, how can I remove some?

The number of games that are added to your Schedule tab is determined by the number of tournaments you are assigned to, the number of Recruits that are assigned to those tournaments, and the number of teams you are "following". For a lot of users, this can result in more than 25 or even 50 games per day. The best way to prioritize games that you must attend or are the most important is to use Stars. Games can be Starred from both the Web portal and the Mobile app.

The "starred games only" switch at the top of the Schedule tab is a great way to toggle between your prioritized (Starred) games and the full set of games that are likely of secondary interest to you (i.e. other games at the tournament that involve other recruits of yours).

You can easily prioritize or de-prioritize games in your schedule by toggling the star flag directly from your Schedule tab on the mobile app.

I'm an Admin but want to see exactly what my coach sees. How can I do that?
If you are an Admin staff member working from the office during the recruiting period and you want to be able to see exactly what your coaches see on their FastRecruit Mobile app, your best option is to keep a record of the e-mail and password login information for each member of your staff. When you need to see a coach's schedule on the app, log in to the app as the coach that you need to see. When you are done, log out by clicking the "More" tab at the bottom, then select Settings, and lastly selecting Logout.

If you are a FastRecruit Team subscriber, you can view other coach's schedules by going to More > Team View and selecting the coach you'd like to view.
Are you monitoring the schedule changes to High School games?
  • We are monitoring anything that is online. We will be scraping schedules daily and doing individual school checks based on the most requested schools.
  • We are not keeping track of weather delays or cancellations like AAU tourneys - You will NOT be notified.
  • Always confirm your schedule with the High School coach or player before booking a trip.

How are you handling High School Holiday tournaments? Are you going to have updates during them? 

  • If a recruit of yours is playing within a High School tournament you will see on their schedule the original tournament information (dates and who is involved). We will not be updating holiday tourney games but you can create your own events for those games by using our custom tourney feature.

How are you handing state playoffs?

  • We will be updating games for the state playoffs, moving recruits along in the tourney so that you can plan your visits accordingly.

What if a school's website is not valid? (We have dealt with HS before and I know their website is bad….)

  • We are always willing to look into specific schools. If you have prior knowledge of a bad school website, please write to us at

How will time zones be displayed (are you showing when the game is being played local time, where I am, etc)?

  • All games and events are displayed in their local time. But you can choose how your calendar is set up within FastRecruit.
  • On your phone, games and events will update like other events as you move time zones (you schedule a 7pm game in California, while you are in NY. It will show the game on your calendar as a 10pm start while you are in New York, but once you get to California it will change to 7pm Pacific).

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