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FastRecruit partners with tournament operators to provide coaches with tournament schedule information for many NCAA certified events around the country. Use the Tourneys tab to assign coaches to tournaments, assign recruits to tournaments, link recruits to their tournament teams, and follow tournament teams. These actions are what populates coaches schedules in FastRecruit!



Assigning Coaches to Tourneys

Assigning Recruits to Tourneys

Map Recruits to Tourney Teams

Following Teams

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1. On the Tourneys tab, tournaments are organized by session. Click the drop-down menu or the left & right arrows to toggle from session to session.

2. After selecting a session, you will see all of the tournaments FastRecruit is covering. FastRecruit only includes tournaments for which we have a partnership with the tournament operator. 

  • The Status column will show 1 of 2 statuses:
    • Committed - this status means we have a commitment from the tournament operator but are still awaiting the finalized list of teams and schedules.
    • Scheduled - this status means final lists of team and schedules are loaded into FastRecruit.
  • The Attendees column shows the initials of each coach who has been assigned to the tournament.
  • The # Recruits Attending column shows the number of recruits who have been assigned to the tournament, and the number of recruits who are not assigned to their tournament team.

Assigning Coaches to Tourneys:

1. Select a tournament from the Tourneys tab your staff is planning to attend.

2. Click Assign Staff

3. Check the box next to each coach who is planning to attend. Adjust the dates each coach is going to attend the tournament using the blue dates to the right. Click Save once complete.

4. You'll now see the coaches listed with the dates they are attending. Click the Pencil icon to edit the attending coaches.

Assigning Recruits to Tourneys:

1. Select a tournament from the Tourneys tab your staff is planning to attend.

2. Select Assign Recruits

3. Type to search for the recruits you are expecting to see at this tournament. After selecting one, keep typing to add multiple recruits at once. Click Save once complete.

4. You'll now see the recruits you added listed in the Attending Recruits section. Click Assign Recruits to add additional recruits. Click the trash icon to the right of a recruit to remove that recruit from the tournament.

Map Recruits to Tourney Teams:

1. After assigning recruits to a tournament, you'll want to link them to their tournament teams. By doing so, every game that team plays in will be added to the schedules of coaches assigned to this tournament. Note that you can only complete this step once the status of the tournament has been marked as Scheduled.

2. To map a recruit to their tournament team, first, select a tournament you are planning to attend, and assign a recruit if needed.

3. You may see FastRecruit suggest teams based on the Club Team you have documented in FastRecruit. Clicking on one of these teams will assign the recruit to that team.

4. You can also type or scroll to find the correct tournament team. You will search through the official list of tournament teams as provided by the tournament operators. You can assign a recruit to multiple tournament teams if needed.

Following Teams:

1. The primary method to create a tournament schedule is by assigning recruits to tournaments and mapping recruits to their tourney teams. The secondary method is by the following teams. This is best when you have a particular coach or team that you want to keep an eye on even if there isn't a particular recruit you are scouting at this time. Following a team will add all games that the team plays into the coaches schedule who is following them.

2. To follow a tourney team, first, select a tournament you are planning to attend, and assign coaches if needed.

3. Click on any of the green flag icons to follow a team. This green flag icon is used throughout the website and mobile app to denote a followed tourney team.


4. In the Follow Teams window that appears, type or scroll to locate a team, then toggle the switches to the right to indicate which coaches should follow that team. Toggle the All switch to have all coaches assigned to the tourney follow that team. Click Save once complete.

5. You'll now see a number next to the green flag which shows how many teams each coach is following. Click on any green flag icon to edit the team's coaches are following.

Games Tab:

1. After selecting a tournament from the Tourneys tab, you will assign recruits and staff from the Attendance tab. You can reference the Games tab at any time to preview which games will appear on the coaches schedules who are assigned to the tournament. Games will populate this tab based on the teams each coach is following, and which recruits are assigned to the tournament and mapped to their tournament teams.

Appointments Tab:

1. After selecting a tournament from the Tourneys tab, you'll see an Appointments tab available. This is where you can schedule appointments that coincide with your trip. Appointments could be a team practice, meeting with a coach, meeting with parents, etc. Any appointments you create will appear on coaches schedules along with tourney games.

2. To create a new appointment, click Add Appointment. An Add Appointment window will appear to fill in the details. Date, Time, Name and Venue are required fields. Add recruits optionally if you're appointment is related to a specific recruit. The venue options will reflect the gyms where games are being played at the tournament. Click Save once complete.

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