Following Teams

1. The primary method to create a tournament schedule is by assigning recruits to tournaments and mapping recruits to their tourney teams. The secondary method is by the following teams. This is best when you have a particular coach or team that you want to keep an eye on even if there isn't a particular recruit you are scouting at this time. Following a team will add all games that the team plays into the coaches schedule who is following them.

2. To follow a tourney team, first, select a tournament you are planning to attend, and assign coaches if needed.

3. Click on any of the green flag icons to follow a team. This green flag icon is used throughout the website and mobile app to denote a followed tourney team.

4. In the Follow Teams window that appears, type or scroll to locate a team, then toggle the switches to the right to indicate which coaches should follow that team. Toggle the All switch to have all coaches assigned to the tourney follow that team. Click Save once complete.

5. You'll now see a number next to the green flag which shows how many teams each coach is following. Click on any green flag icon to edit the team's coaches are following.

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