On the Tourneys tab, tournaments are organized by session. Click the drop-down menu or the left & right arrows to toggle from session to session.

After selecting a session, you will see all of the tournaments FastRecruit is covering. FastRecruit only includes tournaments for which we have a partnership with the tournament operator. 

  • The Status column will show 1 of 2 statuses:
    • Committed - this status means we have a commitment from the tournament operator but are still awaiting the finalized list of teams and schedules.
    • Scheduled - this status means final lists of team and schedules are loaded into FastRecruit.
  • The Attendees column shows the initials of each coach who has been assigned to the tournament.
  • The # Recruits Attending column shows the number of recruits who have been assigned to the tournament, and the number of recruits who are not assigned to their tournament team.

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