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In FastRecruit, the Schedule tab allows you to view and export coach's schedules, filter to have a custom view, as well as star games on coach's schedules to mark them as high priority games. In the Schedule tab you have the option to view it in List View or Calendar. 



Starring Games

Export Schedule

Calendar View 


1. When you first open the Schedule tab, you'll first see the Date Range area where you can select filters to bring up certain games in the schedule view. You can enter To/From dates to pull up a schedule of games for a specific date range. 

2. You can filter the Schedule view by recruit lists to pull up only games that include the recruits on that list. Learn more about recruit lists here.

3. To narrow your search for games even further use the session & tourney drop down menus or "search by keywords" functions.

4. You'll see each coach's initials listed with a checkbox to the left. Checking the box next to a coach's name will show games on their schedule. Unchecking a box, will remove games that are exclusively on that coach's schedule from this view.

5. Starred vs Followed. Starred will show games that have been starred on coaches schedules. Followed will include games for team's you selected to follow. 

Starring Games:

By starring games on coach's schedule, you can mark which games are a high priority to see. This is especially helpful when coaches have too many games on their schedule for a given day. Marking certain games that are important with a star helps prioritize coaches schedules. On the FastRecruit iPhone app, coaches can quickly toggle a switch to filter down their schedule to only see these starred games.

From the Schedule tab, you can star games on behalf of any coach so these games appear as high priority on their schedule. Simply click on the star icon below a coach's initials to star a game. Click a filled-in star to un-star a game. 

Export Schedule:

1. From the Schedule tab, you can export the schedule view into an excel spreadsheet, where you can further manipulate it and print or distribute electronically. This is best if a coach prefers a paper copy of their personal schedule over using the iPhone app. Simply filter your schedule view down based on what you'd like to see, and click Export to CSV. Your CSV file will be downloaded via your web browser.

Calendar View:

Calendar View allows you to view your schedule for the month, week and the day. To access the Calendar select the Calendar Tab next to List View.

1. Day, Week, Month View

You can toggle between the different views by selecting the D,W or M options located to the left.

2. Printing your Schedule 

Once you have the Calendar View you are looking for you can print that calendar using the print button to the right.

Once the Print Options screen appears you can select what details you'd like to be included or excluded from the document, then press Print. 

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