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  • **Please note that this article touches on certain functionality that is only available to FastRecruit Team or FastRecruit Connect subscribers. Read more about the difference between these here. Please contact our sales team to learn more**

FastRecruit serves as a database of the recruits you are actively recruiting. From the Recruits tab, you can add, remove or edit the recruits in your database.


Manually Add Recruits

Edit Recruits

Import/Export Recruits

Delete Recruits

Filter Recruits

Social Media/Contact Links

Manually Adding Recruits:

1. From the Recruits tab, select Add Recruit

2. A pop-up window, as shown below, will appear on the left side of the page. Here, you can enter information for a new recruit.

3. First and Last Name are required fields, all other fields are optional. Once you're finished, click Save to complete adding the recruit.

Edit Recruits:

1. Click on the recruit you want to edit. Select the Edit, to add or modify recruit information.

2. Update or add information– including the recruit's photo, contact information, or team information. Click Save once complete.

Import/Export Recruits:

 1. From the recruits tab, select the Bulk Actions menu to import or export a large number of recruits.

2. Reference this guide on importing recruits. 

3. Reference this guide on exporting recruits.

Delete Recruits:

Deleting a recruit in FastRecruit is a two-step process. 

1. First users have to "Archive" the recruit. This is to ensure that the user wants to delete the recruit and also gives the user to the ability to Restore the recruit back.

To Archive, select the archive icon located to the right of each recruit. The icon will display your team's color when your mouse hovers over it.

2. Next, select "Archived" from the dropdown list at the left. To delete any recruit from the Archive list, click on the "three dots" to the right. You will be given the option to either restore or delete the recruit. 

Delete Recruits in Mass

1. To delete a large number of recruits, first, select the "Show Advanced Tools", then click on the box of the recruits you want to archive.  After which you can select "Archive Selected" at the top. 

2. Next, select "Archived" from the dropdown list at the left. select the "Show Advanced Tools", then click on the box of the recruits you want to delete. After which you can select "Delete Selected" at the top.       

Filter Recruits:

1. Filter By recruit list, name, or class.

2. Select Show Advanced Tools to view additional fields you have created on your own. Select Hide Advanced Tools to remove these filter options.

Social Media Contact/Links: 

1. In FastRecruit, you can link profiles to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snap Chat & Facebook along with websites, phone numbers & e-mail addresses to a recruit's profile. You can link multiple accounts to capture parents' and coaches information as well.

2. When adding or editing a recruit, select Add Contact Info

3. You'll first be prompted to select a Type. You'll see icons available. Select the appropriate icon:4. In the Label field, enter the name that should appear in FastRecruit for this link (i.e. James' Profile, Coach's E-mail, etc.). In the Value field, enter the actual profile handle, search term, e-mail address, website URL, home address or phone number.

In the example below, I added a recruit's personal Twitter profile:

See below for a few examples of what can be added. Parent's social media accounts, coach's phone numbers, or twitter searches can all be saved to a recruit's profile.

5. After you've added social/contact information to a recruit, you'll see icons illuminated under the Contact column as seen below:

6. Selecting the Mail icon will bring up any e-mail addresses you have saved. The Address icon will bring up any saved addresses. The Phone icon will pull up any phone numbers, and the Social icon will pull up any Twitter profiles and searchers, Instagram profiles, Facebook URL, and other website URLs you have saved. Selecting any of the blue links for e-mail or phone will launch the default application on your computer to send e-mails or make phone calls, respectively. Selecting a Twitter or Instagram link will launch to or, respectively.



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