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In FastRecruit, you can now create Lists of recruits based on any criteria you define. Since many coaches own relationships with specific recruits, these lists will help coaches manage and stay connected to those recruits they are focusing on.

Please note that if you have not previously created recruit lists, you will have 2 lists auto-generated for you:

  1. All Recruits - A fixed list containing all recruits in your FastRecruit database
  2. Top 20 - This will appear as 'your initials Top 20' (i.e. JF Top 20). This will also be a fixed list and will start with zero recruits. You can add recruits to this list by selecting the 'Top 20' button seen on both the web and the iPhone app in each recruit's profile.




Creating/Editing Lists

Managing Lists from Recruits Tab

Creating/Editing Lists:

1. To create or edit lists in FastRecruit, first select the Settings Tab from the top-right corner of the page and select 'Manage Lists':

2. To create a new list, select 'Add List. To edit an existing field, select the pencil icon as highlighted below:

3. After selecting Add List,  you'll be prompted to select your List Type as seen below.

Rule Based - Recruits are added and removed from the list automatically based on matching the criteria you define.

Fixed - Recruits need to be manually added or removed from this type of list.

3a. If you select Rule Based as your list type, you'll be presented with a window like the one seen below. Enter the name of your list, and select the criteria. 'Class' will always be available to select, while all other fields you see will depend on the fields you create in FastRecruit. Only recruits that meet the criteria you define here will be added to your list. You can also share the list with any coaches on staff you'd also like to have access.

3b. If you select Fixed as your list type, you'll be presented with a window like the one seen below. Enter a list name, which coaches you'd like to share the list with and search for each recruit you'd like to initially add to this list.

4. After creating your list, you'll see it displayed on your 'Manage Lists' page along with the criteria for any rule-based lists:

5. Back on the Recruits tab, you can filter your recruits by the lists you create:

Managing Lists from Recruits tab:

 To manage a list you have already created from the recruits tab, select your recruit list then click Manage This List:


You will next be launched to a list-specific page where you can edit the list to add/remove recruits or edit the rules depending on the type of list:

Back on the recruits tab, you can also create rule based lists on the fly. First, select Show Advanced Tools to bring up the custom fields you created:

Next, select the filters based on which recruits you'd like to populate your list, then select 'Create List':

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